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Love: Stranger Series New York City

There is something to be said about going for a walk. I find walking alone especially with a camera can be one of the most calming and exhilarating experiences as a photographer because you never know who or what your going to run into and it forces you to slow down and really look at […]

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October 15, 2013 - 2:37 am

Malcolm Tubb Great stuff Jeremy! I’ve seen a few weird things in my travels to, but never sweet potato pies. Great you built some rapport with him and captured it.

Ahmed: Stranger Series New York City

As I was walking the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City this past summer (2013), I noticed a elderly man on the pedestrian path was selling water out of a portable cooler on a dolly. Now if you have never been to New York City in the summer time it gets ridiculously hot especially during […]

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