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Ruth Renner

I met Ruth through a chance encounter while I was photographing a local blacksmith named Marshall who does a large amount of shoeing for the equestrian community in Calgary and surrounding area. I asked Marshall after I had finished photographing him if he knew of any woman specifically in the ranching/agriculture community that are¬†older than […]

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by jeremyfokkens

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June 12, 2013 - 6:54 am

janice I will admit that I came to your blog for the photos, but I stay for the stories…..
I can feel my heart grow bigger just from reading about these people and know that your day was wonderful having had the opportunity to do what you love and to meet each of these wonderful people.
I will admit that I envy you just a bit, your talent with both the camera and the word, your dedication to your craft, and for making opportunities on a regular basis for the work you want to do.
you are an inspiration, thanks for sharing your work, and your new friends. i